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»Summer Nights«: Songs by Brahms, Berg, Respighi, and Berlio

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7:30 p.m.


9 p.m.

Soprano Christiane Karg is a familiar face singing roles by Mozart, Puccini, and Donizetti in the opera houses of Vienna, Munich, and Vienna. But she also loves the opportunities for intimate musical storytelling offered by the song form, especially when she is able to collaborate with the sensitive and virtuoso accompanist Malcolm Martineau, who returns to the Lausitz Festival once again this year. Their program “Summer Nights” begins in the first half of the nineteenth century with music by Berlioz, continues to the second half of the century with Brahms, and gently moves to the dawn of the twentieth century with Berg and Respighi.


  • soprano Christiane Karg

  • piano Malcolm Martineau


  • Location St. Trinitatis, Finsterwalde

  • Address Schlossstraße 4a, 03238 Finsterwalde

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Tickets & dates