Aka Moon: Jazz Meets Fusion

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7:30 p.m.


9:30 p.m.

For 30 years now, the Belgian combo Aka Moon has created fresh and almost cosmic music whose roots are equally African, Indian, Maghrebian, Cuban, Arab, African American, and European. One secret of their continuing success is their eagerness to expand their musical horizons by regularly collaborating with guest musicians from many countries – in this case, the young Portuguese accordionist João Barradas, who will enliven the concert with the sounds and stylistic traditions of his instrument.


  • soprano Fabrizio Cassol

  • bass Michel Hatzigeorgiou

  • drums Stéphane Galland

  • accordion João Barradas


  • Location Filmtheater Weltspiegel, Cottbus

  • Address Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 78, 03046 Cottbus

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Tickets & dates