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Eye-catching - exhibition reflects on festival

»Euro Hamlet« by Filip Markiewicz after William Shakespeare, Telux-Gelände Weißwasser/O.L., with: Joran Yonis, 2021 © Nikolai Schmidt
A photo exhibition about the previous Lausitz Festivals? Yes, exactly. Because a look back is also a look forward.

Our first warm-up to the actual festival has begun: With the photo exhibition "Eye-catching - Snapshots at the Lausitz Festival" we show highlights from the young European art festival. More than 50 photographs by 11 artists are on display.

Festival director Daniel Kühnel on the idea behind the exhibition: "We're not just showing that it was great, we're remembering everything we experienced, thought, perhaps even understood and learnt, which cannot be better expressed than in and with art. Lusatia is full of art."

DJ Hell, Hangar 1, Cottbus, 2023 © Nikolai Schmidt
»Im Berg« by Armin Petras after Franz Fühmann, Großes Haus, Staatstheater Cottbus, with: Michaela Winterstein, Nico Delpy, Maria Tomoiaga, Lisa Schützenberger, 2022 © Frank Hammerschmidt
»Pure Gold« by Elfriede Jelinek, Filmtheater Friedensgrenze, Guben, 2021 © Rehearsal photo Nikolai Schmidt
Marina Heredia, »Flamenco«, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theatre, Görlitz, 2022 © Paul Glaser
Görlitz town hall, 2020 © Paweł Sosnowski
Martha Argerich, concert with Neue Lausitzer Philharmonie, Dorfkirche Cunewalde, 2020 © Paweł Sosnowski

Key data on the exhibition:

"Eye-catching - Snapshots of the Lausitz Festival" 

Duration: until 18 October

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 8:30–18:00 and Wednesday, Friday, 8:30–12:00

Location: Sparkasse Elbe-Elster - Berliner Straße 43, 03238 Finsterwalde

Admission is free.


We would like to thank the Sparkassenstiftung "Zukunft Elbe-Elster-Land" for this co-operation.