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neue Bühne Senftenberg / Zły Komorow

Theaterpassage 1, 01968 Senftenberg / Zły Komorow

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Location neue Bühne Senftenberg / Zły Komorow

Address Theaterpassage 1, 01968 Senftenberg / Zły Komorow

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The Senftenberg Theater has been a place of transformation from the very beginning: On October 21, 1946, the Senftenberg Municipal Theater was founded in the auditorium/gymnasium of the Walther Rathenau School in Senftenberg, Brandenburg, and plays are still performed at this location - which has been converted into a theater. In 1959, for reasons of cultural policy and in view of the regional audience structure, the theater was renamed "Theater der Bergarbeiter." The young stage made a name for itself with classics from Shakespeare to Brecht, but above all with modern critical authors of the GDR, among them Heiner Müller, Peter Hacks and Volker Braun. A phalanx of important mime and drama directors shaped above all the reputation of the contemporary stage in drama, which was important for many years. The theater, which has been called "Neue Bühne Senftenberg" since 1990, has been running in single-division operation since 1993. Since September 2017, Neue Bühne Senftenberg has also functioned as a regional theater and plays the southern Brandenburg area. With the production of "Julie," musical theater will acoustically enliven the space.

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