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Kulturkirche Lauta

Nordstraße 12, 02911 Lauta

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Location Kulturkirche Lauta

Address Nordstraße 12, 02911 Lauta

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Although the town of Lauta, originally called Luthe (Łuty was a Sorbian word for harvesting the inner bark of trees) was first mentioned in 1344, the population did not increase significantly until the advent of industrial activity after 1917. Modelled on English garden cities, a completely new housing estate for workers and employees of the Vereinigte Aluminium Werke was built beginning in 1918. The history of the Stadtkirche in Lauta is closely tied to the growth of the aluminium works and the associated rapid increase in the number of congregants. The present structure was built in 1924 and remains a centre of the city’s cultural and intellectual life.  


Zugang zur Kirche via Rollstuhlrampe möglich.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Sanitäranlagen nicht barrierefrei zugänglich sind.

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