Großer Saal, Stadthalle Görlitz

Am Stadtpark 1, 02826 Görlitz

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Location Großer Saal, Stadthalle Görlitz

Address Am Stadtpark 1, 02826 Görlitz

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The Silesian Music Festival was founded in 1876 in Hirschberg (Jelenia Góra). When the festival moved to Görlitz in 1878, performances took place in a wooden building that had previously been used by the Görlitz Garden Society. Steadily increasing audience numbers in subsequent years eventually required the construction of a new concert hall, the Stadthalle. The architect was Bernhard Sehring, who also designed the Staatstheater in Cottbus at about the same time. The new hall opened in 1910 and features an organ built by Wilhelm Sauer. The instrument has 70 registers. It was the last organ built by Sauer and is the only one still in existence.  

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