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Evangelische Stadtkirche Peitz

Peitz, 03185 Peitz

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About the location

Location Evangelische Stadtkirche Peitz

Address Peitz, 03185 Peitz

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The current Evangelical-Lutheran church was designed by the prominent Prussian architect Friedrich August Stüler (1800–1865). Construction lasted from 1854 to 1859, and the church was consecrated in 1860. The building in Peitz is modelled on Stüler’s St. Matthew Church in Berlin (today part of that city’s Kunstforum). The Prussian king ordered plans for the St. Matthew church to be included in a catalogue of “Designs for Churches, Rectories, and Schools". Two other churches with this design were built in Bütow (Bytow) and Neudamm (Debno). Typical for Stüler’s churches in the Italianate Round Arch Style are the use of red and yellow brickwork and a design with three parallel naves. (Text: 


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