Thinking Lausitz 6: Magic Dwells in Every Ending

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4:40 p.m.


6 p.m.

In Franz Kafka’s short story “The Departure” we find the words, “’Away from here, that is my goal.” Anyone setting out for something new must also leave something behind, must put an end to what has come before. The art of beginning anew necessarily includes the art of letting go. The history of the modern age is filled with such attempts, and more than a few of these ended in failure. Many breaks with the past are either futile gestures or clumsy acts of violence. This discussion will explore ways in which we can set our gaze on the future, both in private and public life, without falling on our faces.


  • philosopher Prof. Dr. Dieter Thomä

  • moderation Prof. Dr. Christiane Voss


  • Location Brandenburgisches Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst, Cottbus

  • Address Am Amtsteich 15, 03046 Cottbus

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Tickets & dates