»Familiar/Foreign« – Images from the 1st Lausitz Photo Days

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2 p.m.


6 p.m.

Period  03.09. - 29.10.
Vernissage  03.09., Sunday, 15:00
Opening hours  thereafter Saturday 14:00-18:00 and Sunday 11:00-18:00, 09.09.23 - 29.10.23

The Lausitz Photo Days began in 2022 as a pilot project for the presentation on a regular basis of photography symposiums in the Lausitz. The idea is for experienced and prominent photographers, as well as younger and less-experienced ones, to come and work in the Lausitz region for a period of time.

With the unbiased eyes of outsiders, they explore the region’s daily life, its idiosyncrasies, and its quiet beauty.

The symposium encourages the visiting artists to work together with photographers from the region. This type of exchange and collaboration broadens perspectives on all sides and allows everyone to look more clearly – at a region characterized by great diversity and constant change.

The 1st Lausitz Photo Days were curated by Gabriele Muschter, Herbert Schirmer, and Uwe Warnke, who worked closely with the Förderverein Lieberose e. V. and the Kulturstiftung Haus Europa. The Photo Days are based in Lieberose.



  • Fotografin Sonia Bialasiewicz

  • Fotograf Kurt Buchwald

  • Fotografin Ronja Falkenbach

  • Fotografin Laura Maria Görner

  • Fotograf Kai-Olaf Hesse

  • Fotograf Thomas Kläber

  • Fotograf Matthias Leupold

  • Fotografin Loredana Nemes

  • Fotografin Carla Pohl

  • Fotografin Anna Tiessen


  • Location Atelierhof Werenzhain

  • Address Werenzhainer Hauptstraße 76, 03253 Doberlug-Kirchhain

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Atelierhof Werenzhain
Kulturstiftung Haus Europa

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