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Kulturhaus Plessa

Platz des Friedens 1, 04928 Plessa

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About the location

Location Kulturhaus Plessa

Address Platz des Friedens 1, 04928 Plessa

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The Kulturhaus was built from 1955 to 1960 by the nationally owned Plessa Lignite Coal Works. The architect was Erich Graf. The Baroque-Classicist building served as a cultural focal point for the region, with film and theatre productions, a library, and restaurants. The Kulturhaus – with its wall murals in Sagrafitto technique and the avant-corps with industrial symbols at the main entrance – was declared a historical monument in 1985. The building has been owned by the city of Plessa since 1993. In 2009, there were plans to demolish the structure and build a supermarket, but a number of local initiatives successfully fought to preserve this multi-purpose cultural centre. 

Productions in Kulturhaus Plessa