»Richard 3«

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7:30 p.m.


10 p.m.

Richard is an outsider. He was not born to be King. His path to the throne is blocked not only by his brother, the reigning King, but by a number of other potential successors as well. Viewed as dangerous and filled with hate, he is a social outcast who vows to undermine the toxic façade of society’s power structures. Based on Shakespeare’s drama in the German translation by Elisabeth Plessen, with additional texts by Laurie Penny and Silvia Federici, actress Malaya Stern Takeda, director Aram Tafreshian, and dramaturge Susanne Hentschel show us a Richard who is at once man, woman, and child.


  • Director Aram Tafreshian

  • Dramaturgy Susanne Hentschel

  • Costumes and scenery Mara Madeleine Pieler

  • Acting Malaya Stern Takeda


  • Location Kammerbühne, Staatstheater Cottbus

  • Address Wernerstraße 60, 03046 Cottbus

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