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Songwerkstatt - LAUSITZ POETS wanted!

You would like to write lyrics? Would you like to turn a special moment in your life, an event, a feeling, a memory or a wish into beautiful words and would you like your words to be set to music and performed by singers?

We at the Lausitz Festival are looking for stories, moments, poems, thoughts, dreams as well as concerns, sorrows and needs from the people of the Lausitz, which we would like to transform into lyrics and songs together and present them at the festival. 


Help to make the Lausitz sound – this is how you can be part of it!! 


1.  To register, send an informal email by 31.03.2024 to: 

2.  We will contact you by e-mail to arrange time & place 

3.  See you at the Songwerkstatt 


At our song workshops, many song lyrics are created in collaboration with you and professional authors and songwriters from all over Germany and the Lausitz. Selected songs will be performed by well-known singers and a band in front of many people at a show concert as part of the Lausitz Festival. All resulting texts will be published.

Mentors: Johannes Berger, Ken Yamamoto, Julian Heun (Radio Fritz Moderator), Dana Shanti, Elke Hübener, Michaela Worlein.


This is how we make the Lausitz sound! 


Your Lausitz Festival 


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