Kulturfabrik Schönbach

Beiersdorfer Straße 1, 02708 Schönbach

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Location Kulturfabrik Schönbach

Address Beiersdorfer Straße 1, 02708 Schönbach

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The Kulturfabrik (Culture Factory) in Schönbach is a reminder of the city’s industrial prosperity at the beginning of the 20th century. Karl Friedrich Matthes was a conservative politician and unsuccessful businessman who spent his entire life in Schönbach. He built the 7,000 m2 building in 1890, but by 1905 he was bankrupt and had to close his weaving business. The Schönbach Flower Festivals between 1955 and 1958 attracted crowds of up to 130,000 people to view the beautifully decorated floral displays. The building’s current operators are working to restore this tradition. 


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