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Grüner Saal, Schloss Branitz

Robinienweg 5, 03042 Cottbus / Chóśebuz

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Location Grüner Saal, Schloss Branitz

Address Robinienweg 5, 03042 Cottbus / Chóśebuz

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"Chez moi," with me, is what the landscape designer Hermann Ludwig Heinrich Prince von Pückler-Muskau called his home when he moved into his ancestral castle and began remodeling it in 1846. Pückler, impressed all his life by the unheard-of blue of the oriental night sky since a six-year journey, had a deep blue ceiling designed with golden stars and white angel heads. In this unique place, the salon culture of the 18th and 19th centuries comes alive and becomes a sensual space for the annotated reading of Schnitzler's "Fräulein Else".


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