Fachwerkkirche Gut Saathain, Röderland

Am Park 5, 04932 Röderland

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Location Fachwerkkirche Gut Saathain, Röderland

Address Am Park 5, 04932 Röderland

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Saathain bei Röderland is one of the oldest fortified settlements along the Schwarze Elster River. Castrum Sathim was first mentioned around 1140. The feudal manor Saathain existed until 1945, when the manor house was destroyed. Today only outbuildings, the timber-framed church, and the ruins of the manor house remain. The church, built in 1629, is one of the oldest and most beautiful in southern Brandenburg and has belonged to the city of Röderland since 1968. The park is now a nature preserve. In 1996, a society was formed to promote and organize concerts and other events at Gut Saathain.  


Kirche über eine kleine Steinschwelle zugänglich, die "bisher immer gut zu schaffen war".

Sanitäranlagen ebenerdig und rollstuhlgerecht.

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