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Bildungsgut Schmochtitz Sankt Benno, Bautzen

Schmochtitz 1, 02625 Bautzen

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About the location

Location Bildungsgut Schmochtitz Sankt Benno, Bautzen

Address Schmochtitz 1, 02625 Bautzen

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The discovery of a coin in 1986 provided evidence that today’s “Bildungsgut” (educational manor) was already a customs station in the 12th century on the via regia between Görlitz and Kamenz and was a feudal manor as early as the 14th century. After a tumultuous history, the manor was acquired by the Diocese of Meißen in 1927 and converted into a seminary. In April 1945, shortly before the end of the war, the main building was completely destroyed by fire. The manor remained in the possession of the church throughout the years of the GDR. Following extensive reconstruction and restoration efforts, the complex was reopened in 1992 as Bishop Benno House, a site for conferences, events, and recreation.  


Veranstaltungsort und Sanitäranlagen barrierefrei.

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