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Rabryka, Görlitz

Conrad-Schiedt-Straße 23, 02826 Görlitz

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About the location

Location Rabryka, Görlitz

Address Conrad-Schiedt-Straße 23, 02826 Görlitz

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A center for youth and socio-culture is located on the grounds of the Görlitz Waggonbau, in Plant I, and thus a "platform in Görlitz where community-oriented urban development can be explored, imagined, grasped and implemented." So the current operators. The idea for the RABRYKA Youth.City.Lab was born during a work camp at the site where Görlitz's industrial history was made in 1849 by railroad car construction. The name does not stand for a building, but for a vision. The word is composed of the Polish word "fabryka" and the German word "rot," probably not just an allusion to the red brick buildings of Plant I. "The city is empty enough, and offers enough space for new ideas!" young Görlitz:innen found in 2011 and communicated this to their mayor and, a year later, to the city council meeting to which they had invited themselves to express their needs. Reimann and Wolf would have been involved - or would have supported this movement from below, initiated by the young citizens of the city. For the activists were and are concerned with nothing less than "exploring how we can change Görlitz and our homeland."

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