Festsaal Neues Schloss, Bad Muskau

Schlossstraße 2, 02953 Bad Muskau

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Location Festsaal Neues Schloss, Bad Muskau

Address Schlossstraße 2, 02953 Bad Muskau

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The New Castle in Prince Pückler Park is part of a castle complex that is significantly older than the park laid out by Hermann Prince von Pückler-Muskau in 1815. The basis for the New Palace, a three-wing complex in the neo-Renaissance style, was a medieval moated castle and the first palace complex from the 16th century. The architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel designed the palace ramp, which creates an elegant connection between the park and the palace with a gentle curve. Pückler actually wanted to have the entire palace rebuilt in a classicist style; Schinkel's designs for this were already available. However, due to a lack of funds, the further reconstruction was left to Pückler's successors, who then had the building designed in the neo-Renaissance style. In any case, Pückler succeeded in setting the stage for the New Palace as the focal point of the park and all the representative buildings located in the palace grounds.

Although the grand ballroom in the annex to the New Palace was destroyed by fire at the end of the Second World War, it still retains its regal atmosphere, recalling the glory days of this Neo-Renaissance structure. The un-plastered walls make the room’s history visible without diminishing the festive character of the room. The reconstructed ballroom has space for more than 200 guests attending concerts or lectures. (Text: schlösserland-sachsen.de) 


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